Where have we been??

Hi everyone!
Sorry we disappeared for a while, our computer is on the fritz which has made blogging literally impossible. But I had a wonderful idea and bought a keyboard for our iPad and voila now we can blog again!

So what’s been going on that you’ve missed out on…Hmmm where to start?
Well I turned 25 a couple weeks ago (sept 18) and well, I feel about a million years old now. Which I basically am so that makes sense. I threw a “rave” party for myself which ended up being just my family but that’s okay. Though I’m not going to lie people who say they are coming to a party and then don’t show up are basically the worse people of life. Anyways, it was a fun night despite that, but it actually ended up being a early night too (bed before 12am). I said I was a million years old! What more do you expect?!

Other then that not much has been going on…
Oh Keisha and me celebrated our 15 month anniversary, which sounds like we are teenagers but we don’t care. We went on  date night to Boston Pizza. It was nice but there was an annoying group of “straight boys” chanting and yelling and hitting the table everytime they did a shot (and they did a lot). But besides wanting to kick them in the heads it was nice.
Not much other then that, at least that I can think of right now
Talk to you sooner rather then later world!!