Keisha here, again !, Something that has been on my mind lately is asking Caterina for her hand in marriage. Me being bi-sexual, Caterina is the first girl I have ever dated, as am I for her. The guys I used to date if i ever thought they were going to last i always knew that i would be the one to get proposed too, and that i would walk down the aisle ect.

Me and Caterina are trying to figure out who has to propose to the other ( not that either one of us HAS to its just that we both WANT too ) and how we should do it. We love to do everything together so we’ve already got half of the wedding planned without even being engaged! But WHO should propose when you’re both girls? All i have ever known or thought of is the guy proposing. MY answer to that question is whoever gets to it first is the one who will propose, so at this point its a guessing game for both of us on who is going to go forward with the big step.

Some things are scary to think about though as we only came out to our parents not even a year ago ( we didn’t tell them until we were already dating for a few months ) and lets just say both my mom and hers did not take it well. At this point I think that they are both still in denial and take it as we are still just best friends. My mom still refuses to see me and cat kiss, and just barely got used to the idea of us holding hands, so HOW on earth are they going to react when I say we’re engaged?!


Also there is a lot of other things I never thought about when dating a girl, as WHO walks down the aisle or WHO gets to get pregnant first or even how the hell are we going to get pregnant.?! I wish we could have a baby that looks like both of us as it would be the most beautiful baby on earth, but obviously that can’t happen, so how am i suppose to just pick a sperm and determine that this random guy gets to be half of my babies DNA.

All I know is that even though i have all these questions on how we are supposed to do these things as opposed to the traditional way, im glad im figuring them out with Caterina and no one else. ( Cliche i know ) ( or gushy for others ). Life is not going to be all that easy for us but if we stay positive then we will get through it together.


What are your guys opinion on this? or how you would do these things if it were you, as I am interested on other people’s feedback or experiences.

Have a lovely day!!!



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