Who’s the man?



Hi everyone, Cat here and it’s time to talk about something that has been driving me insane since Keisha and I made our relationship public. It’s the question that for some reason or another always comes up, its “Who’s the man?”.

First off, what gives anyone the right to ask such a question?

Second, sure we are both girls, but we are just two people who fell in love. It is not that difficult of a concept to understand. But people for some reason think they have rights to our sex life and relationship. They want to know the ins and outs, the ups and downs. Like it’s an equation they need to find the solution to. They do not even think about how inappropriate this question is or how it could possibly make one or both of us completely uncomfortable. It feels as though we are either being studied under a microscope, or we are part of some lame lesbian porn made for men. Why do they think this is okay? I don’t just go up to straight couples and ask them about what positions they have sex in and whether or not they use toys etc, so why do they think its okay to ask me?

I get that it is an unknown concept to them, they don’t comprehend how it works or why someone would want to do that with someone of the same sex as them. But honestly there’s a little thing called google. Use it people. If there is something I don’t understand I google it or read a book, that’s how I learn. Or if you really want a nice visual representation of lesbian sex you know, there’s a never ending supply of lesbian porn out there.  Educate yourself.

Seriously, the chances of you asking your straight friends about every detail in their sex life is slim, so please extend us the same courtesy and don’t go asking my girlfriend or me or any lesbian couple in the world how they have sex. You will either be grossed out,  confused, or knocked out and you will probably still not understand it. So keep your questions for google, and just admire us lesbian couples for being so god damn cute.





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